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Blood Drive

Hendry Regional Medical Center


Location: Front of hospital

Donors wishing to make an appointment should go to:
Enter your Sponsor code: 39641 PHOTO ID REQUIRED

Benefit of donating

Each donor receives a mini health check that provides a great way to monitor good health. Each mini health check includes: blood pressure check, cholesterol screening, temperature and pulse readings and iron level testing. Donating blood is good for the heart. Recent studies have shown that men who gave blood three times a year reduced their risk of a heart attack by more than 50 percent. Donating blood can only help your takes off one pound.

Prescriptions drugs

Donors currently taking prescriptions drugs should bring a list of their prescriptions to determine eligibility.
Donors who have traveled outside the U.S. in the past year should make a list of their travel destinations and ports to determine eligibility.

Donors, who have taken over-the-counter mediation or have medical symptoms, should ask the mobile staff before completing paperwork. There is no age limit to donating blood, however, donors must weigh at least 102 pounds. Average donation times 35-45 minutes.

For additional information please visit and click Donating Blood or Education.