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Commonly asked questions about how Hendry Regional Medical Center is working to protect our patients, families and staff.

At Hendry Regional Medical Center, our goal is to ensure the safety and well-being of our patients, families, visitors and staff. During the COVID-19 outbreak, we are taking necessary precautions to keep everyone here safe. We believe in Patient-and Family Centered Care, and our staff is empowered to partner and assist patients and families to help assure that your needs are met throughout your hospital stay.

Do I have to wear a mask to enter HRMC?

Yes all patients, vendors and staff are required to wear a mask at HRMC. Due to shortages on PPE HRMC is unable to provide masks for individuals (non-staff members) at this time.

What should I expect when coming to Hendry Regional Medical Center including all Clinic Locations?

If you do not have cold and flu symptoms, such as cough with a fever, you do not need to do anything before arriving at your scheduled appointment. When you get to the Olympia Street entrance or entrance of any of our clinic locations, a member of our staff will ask you a set of screening questions before you enter the building. It is very important that you follow their instructions.

Can I visit a patient who is currently hospitalized at any Hendry Regional Medical Center?

Visit the Visitor Policy page for more information.

What if I have some symptoms of the cold or flu, and we have an upcoming appointment at Hendry Regional Medical Center?

Call the clinic or place where you are having the appointment and tell us about your symptoms. We will ask you additional questions and give you instructions for next steps.

Why is Hendry Regional Medical Center limiting visitors?

During this respiratory infection season, we are taking necessary precautions to keep everyone at our hospital safe. For this reason, we are making a few adjustments to our visiting policy, limiting our access points and implementing screenings.