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Picture of The Hendry Regional Corporate Health Building with a Palm Tree outside of the building
Picture of The Hendry Regional Corporate Health Building with a Palm Tree outside of the building

Hendry Regional Corporate Health

Hendry Regional Corporate Health offers an array of services such as Worker's Comp Management, testing and screenings, in addition to Wellness Education.

We can help your company cut healthcare costs, yet still help employees maintain good health. If your company is like other leading Florida businesses, you are already providing Worker's Compensation coverage and medical insurance as employee benefits. This coverage helps your employees get well after they are sick and injured.

Your company may be like other businesses that do not have aggressive "preventative health" programs that are anti-illness and anti-injury.

Such programs let you develop and maintain a healthy and productive work force, while saving you money. Our Corporate Health services offer this type of program, tailoring it for your company through one or more of the following segments:

1. Worker's Comp Management
2. Testing/Screening
3. Site Assessment/Wellness Education

Our staff consist of medical providers, nurses and support staff who will participate with your specific healthcare team.

Our goal is to assist you in

Creating a safer workplace
Promoting good health habits to reduce employee absenteeism
Providing detailed pre-employment testing, D.O.T. physicals, pre-employment physicals, drug screening, and saliva / breath alcohol testing
Electronic Chain of Custody capabilities

Worker's Comp Management

"There's no other health-related area so ripe for cost-cutting as Worker's Compensation."

Your participation in our Worker's Comp Management segment ensures swift and correct verification of an employee's injury, so proper treatment can begin immediately. You'll receive instant and on-going reports on the nature of the injury and the employee's condition.

The experienced physicians and clinical staff of Hendry Corporate Health provide thorough, hands-on personal case-management along with:

Proper initial and on-going treatment
Referrals (if necessary) for nearby specialized care and treatment
Feedback of employee qualifications for back to work or modified duty assignments

The Worker's Comp Management segment will:

Address your concerns for employees
Minimize the employee's time away from work
Reduce the time and effort for tracking and filing required forms and paperwork
Use the pre-employment physical and follow-up random testing to help ensure a Drug-Free workplace


"The first step in cutting healthcare costs is to make sure you hire healthy employees."

As you well know, your company does not need to add to its costs by hiring employees who are not healthy. To evaluate new employee candidates, and even the health of current personnel, Hendry Regional Corporate Health provides board-certified physicians and clinical specialists to perform comprehensive physical examinations for you.

The testing/screening segments for pre-employment and full-time employees will be customized to your company's special needs. For example, our physical exams can include back and muscular strength evaluations to insure that an individual is able to function well within his/her particular job requirements.

Our special features include:

1. Tests for blood profiles, urinalysis, drugs, alcohol, lead, cholesterol, TB, Respiratory Fit testing, and pulmonary functions
2. Pre-employment and annual physical examinations
3. Audiology testing
4. Flu shots and other seasonally appropriate or required injections

Site Assessment/Wellness Education

"Educating employees and staff is essential and helps reduce expenses."

Your company may not have the time or resources for certified wellness instruction, or for third-party on-site health and safety assessments of your workplace. Hendry Regional Corporate Health features a two-phase package of assessment and wellness.

1. Site Safety and Health Assessment - Our expert medical team tours your facility to assess the potential for work related accidents and job related procedures that could cause health problems. If appropriate, we offer recommendations for a safer, healthier work environment.
2. Wellness Education - Our experienced staff informative and entertaining classes to improve and/or maintain your employees' good health. These include Wellness Screenings, Smoke-No-More, Sports Nutrition, Weight Management, Stress Management, Back Basics, and Ergonomics

Bonus Sessions are also available:

Registered dieticians to provide nutrition counseling for individuals, employee groups and/or executive management
Personalized executive fitness and exercise regiments
Ergonomics assessments for clerical/secretarial staff
Occupational Therapy

Even with the best preventative measures in place, an employee can still be injured. Our team at Corporate Health has access to Hendry Regional Medical Center's state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained rehabilitative staff in the LaBelle and Clewiston facilities. Employee rehabilitation will be close at hand, under the guidance of expert physicians.

Also available are Hendry Regional's accredited Speech and Physical Therapy programs. These can be tailored to provide vital and correct muscular and trauma treatments.


HRMC actively participates in multiple wellness initiative aimed at increasing the community's awareness of health related issues. Through a series of activities including health fairs, health information booths at community and organizational events, education classes/lectures, Diabetes Education Class, blood donation drives, and reduced-cost wellness screening tests, HRMC strives to improve the overall wellness of our community.

Diabetes Monthly Education Classes - FREE
Tobacco Cessation Classes - FREE.

If you are interested in having HRMC assist you with wellness activities among your employees, civic groups or other organizations, please contact HRMC's Wellness Services by calling Toni Pavey-McDaniel, Corporate Wellness, at 863.983.1123.

Contact Us

ONE CALL DOES IT ALL - Call Toni Pavey-McDaniel, Nurse Practitioner and Director of Hendry Regional Corporate Health. With more than 20 years of professional and administrative medical experience, she'll manage your health care program efficiently, from a customer's point of view.

She'll assist in providing an immediate, no obligation assessment. She'll also customize a one-stop quality preventative health program for your company and show you how to reduce employee health and worker's compensation costs, without reducing healthcare quality.


Phone: 863.983-1123
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203 S. Gloria Street
Clewiston, Florida 33440


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