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When you select Hendry Regional Medical Center for your surgical needs, our friendly and highly qualified staff will do everything possible to make your stay a pleasant and safe experience. Personal attention and quality care close to home makes a difference.

Our experienced and efficient staff provides personalized care to make your procedure and recovery period comfortable and stress free.

We provide the latest "state of the art" equipment to assure utmost safety with all procedures.

If your procedure qualifies as "Outpatient Surgery" no overnight hospital stay is required, so you, as the patient, could return home the same day, quickly and safely, minimizing family and work disruption.

If your surgery should require a little extra recovery time before going home, Hendry Regional Medical Center offers comfortable and convenient 24-hour care with private rooms to accommodate your stay.

A variety of procedures are performed on an outpatient basis including:

Endoscopy: including gastroscopy, colonoscopy, biopsies and Polypectomy

Gynecology and Women's Health: including D&C, cervical biopsy, Hysteroscopy with ablation, Laparoscopy, oophorectomy and tubal ligation

General Surgery: including hernia repair, laparoscopic appendectomy and cholecystectomy, hemorrhoidectomy, Ganglionectomy, carpal tunnel and more

The surgical team at HRMC includes: an anesthesiologist, nurse anesthetist, RN first assistant, registered nurse circulators, surgeons and certified surgical technologists who are there to assure you have the best care possible.

You may contact Kimberly Sample, R.N.; Operating Room Director and Infection Control Officer at 863-902- 3065 for additional information regarding the department Surgery and Endoscopy. You may also reach the Hendry Regional Specialty Group (office of our general surgeon's, Dr. Barry Davis, Dr. Darayes Mobed, and Dr. Elliott K. White by calling 863-983-5026