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Picture of A Nurse is holding a patient hand while the patient is laying in the hospital bed

Extra Time for Healing

Swing Bed Program at Hendry Regional Medical Center

What is a Swing Bed Program?

Typically after an illness, injury, or surgery you may not have the ability to immediately return home to everyday living. The Swing Bed Program at Hendry Regional Medical Center gives you the opportunity to recuperate in a hospital setting under the supervision of our skilled physicians, nurses, and staff. The focus of this Swing Bed Program is YOU, the patient, and making sure that you receive the proper care to ensure a safe and sustainable return to home.

After you have been an inpatient at Hendry Regional Medical Center, or any other medical facility, you may be eligible for the Swing Bed Program. Upon discharge from an acute hospital stay, some patients require further medical care to help them return to the level of functioning they had prior to their hospitalization. Hendry Regional Medical Center's Swing Bed Program helps patients achieve this goal through its hospital-based provision of skilled nursing care and rehabilitation.

Our Swing Bed program provides rehabilitation and recovery services based on the patient's individual needs - below are some examples of those who would meet the required conditions of HRMC's Swing Bed Program:

The patient is in the hospital and has suffered a stroke or received joint replacement and no longer needs acute hospital care. This patient may need physical therapy or occupational therapy through the Swing Bed Program until achieving the optimal level of activity that he/she had prior to initial hospitalization.

The patient is in the hospital for a particular illness, but needs IV antibiotics while recovering.

The patient is in the hospital, but still needs additional care and rehabilitative physical or occupational therapy because he/she is too weak to go home.

What are the benefits of Hendry Regional Medical Center's Swing Bed Program?

Although many facilities on the coastal areas offer these same services or similar ones, there are many benefits to using Hendry Regional Medical Center's Swing Bed Program. We provide:

Rehabilitative treatment (physical and occupational therapy)
Comfortable, private rooms
Skilled nursing care by experienced nurses and a multidisciplinary team of professionals
Warm and friendly close-to-home care - no traveling inconveniences and expenses for family members
Emotional, physical, and spiritual healing

What is the expected length of stay?

Each patient makes progress based on individual medical care needs and rehabilitation potential. Following discharge from an acute care hospital, the length of stay depends on the patient's medical condition and rehabilitation needs; typically, the time needed is about 14 days.

Our multidisciplinary team will continuously monitor, record, and formally review the patient's progress. As patients heal and are able to participate more in the program, the team will add, monitor, and evaluate new goals.

Does Insurance cover the expense?

Many insurance companies will cover the expense of this program, and Medicare will also pay for costs associated with the Swing Bed Program.

For additional information regarding Hendry Regional Medical Center's Swing Bed Program, call 863-902-3020.