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HRMC Foundation Ways to Give

"Giving the Gift of Good Health"


The simplest and most popular of all charitable donations. (May be a one-time cash gift or a pledge of cash over a specified period)

Donate Now Online


An ongoing program of soliciting gifts in memory of a deceased individual or in honor of an individual's birthday, anniversary, or another special occasion.

Stocks or Bonds

If you have owned securities for more than one year and the fair market value has increased since you purchased them, you can avoid capital gains tax and receive a charitable income tax deduction equal to the fair market value.

Real Estate

A gift of real estate has the advantage of providing you with a charitable deduction, based on the current fair market value, as well as bypassing capital gains tax on the appreciation.

Annual Giving

When prospective donors give annually on an ongoing basis - year after year.

Planned Gifts

The term 'planned gifts' refers to specific strategies that (in most cases) benefit charity at some point in the future, while offering immediate benefits to the donor. The gift of a paid life insurance policy is a good example. By designating a qualified charity as owner and beneficiary of such a policy, you will receive a charitable income tax deduction that, in most cares, is equal to your costs basis in the policy.

Special Events Giving

Special fundraising events such as golf tournaments, auctions or banquets can focus community attention on a medical center's program.


You can dessignate the Hendry Regional Medical Center Foundation as the beneficiary of your assets through your will or trust. Remember the foundation in your will.

Gifts in Kind

Non-cash gifts of goods or services are classified as gifts in kind.
(Gifts of food, clothing, medical equipment, printing material, and auction items are examples of gifts in kind.)

Charitable Foundations

Hospital Foundation searches for and identifies charitable foundations that have an interest in supporting healthcare programs.