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Nursing at Hendry Regional Medical Center

We Are Different!

Nursing at Hendry Regional Medical Center is THRIVING! We have infused our culture with a focus on positivity for our teams. We know that a Healthy-Happy Workforce creates positive outcomes. Our banner is THRIVE!

We are committed to establishing trust at all levels, understanding that this is the foundation for all human relationships.

H-Honest-Authentic Communication
We understand the importance that communication plays in healthcare-but more importantly the ability to communicate-honestly and authentically is paramount for creating a healthy workforce.

It is not just a word-it is an expectation to give, and receive respect, at every level of our organization.

I-Innovation and Inclusion
We promote inclusion, and embrace understanding that the diversity of inclusion leads to the surprise of innovation! We have great thinkers with great ideas!!

Vulnerability is a critical ingredient in creating trust. We support the effort, even if the outcome is different than expected. We understand the learner-is also a trier which means they don’t always succeed, but they always learn! We are here for each other first!

Our expectation is always to provide excellence-this extends first to each other, by creating a healthy-happy workforce we provide an environment that Help Our People to THRIVE by creating JOY at Work!

We are committed to being better today than yesterday!

If this sounds like you-or-where you want to be come speak to one of our Nurse Leaders today.

Life is too short not to be Happy!