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Photo of Orestes Quinones, MD

Orestes Quinones, MD

Family Medicine

Contact Info:






Hendry Regional Convenient Care Center
450 S Main Street
LaBelle, Florida 33935


Superior Institute of Medical Sciences, Cuba


Superior Institute of Medical Sciences, Cuba

Hospital Auxilio Mutuo, Puerto Rico

More/Other Information:

Dr. Orestes Quinones graduated from medical school at Superior Institute of Medical Sciences in Camaguey, Cuba. After graduating medical school, he also completed his residency at Superior Institute of Medical Sciences. Dr. Quinones has since practiced medicine in Cuba, Honduras, Venezuela, and The United States. Most recently he has completed the medical license examination to practice in the United States and a second residency at Hospital Auxilio Muto Puerto. Dr. Quinones is fluent in English and Spanish with strong multicultural experience. He treats older children to senior patients. He and his family have recently relocated to Labelle, Florida where he is passionate about practicing medicine in rural areas.